review time…

that’s right guys and gals, Darian here with another review on my all time favorite game: mortal kombat.

(spoilers guys so be warned!!!1!)

the game was banned in Australia for obvious reasons, as the outfits deserve a restriction in itself. the high intensity blood, gore, and internal brutality of this game earned the rest of the restrictions. this game is not for the faint of heart (or people that are disturbed with blood and organs flying all over the place).

the game starts off with Armageddon upon earthrealm, all of the realm’s greatest fighters have been defeated and raiden relays a message to his past self just before being executed by shao kahn. the camara zooms in to raiden’s eyes and flashes back through time and space to raiden of the time of the first tournament. after this, the game plays out much like mkvdcu as you play as different fighters for each chapter.

after you finish the game, there is all the usual goodness in mortal kombat games. the krypt, arcade modes and the challenge tower are the little bits of goodness that really gets you into the game. with arcade modes there are different versions of the classic, test your might minigame such as test your sight, strike, and luck. there is also tag matches, the arcade ladder where you play as your favorite fighter against ten increasingly harder opponents.

something new to mortal kombat is the challenge tower. the challenge tower is 300 increasingly difficult challenges that unlock different test your ……… minigames. after completing these 300 challenges, you get a “special” alternate outfit for mileena (the slutty purple ninja that everyone faps to) and earns you a trophy/achievement.

if your a fan of street fighter, or the other mortal kombat games, this is defenently the game for you. as always, this has been Darian. signing off.


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