another one… well, two actually

Hey guys and gals I’m back with two FREE GAMES. Both of these games ARE mmorpg’s (massively multiplayer role playing games…. just incase you forgot). I will also tell you people a little bit about each ‘caus that’s how I roll.

Rito, back to business. the first game i want to tell you’s about is Spiral Knights. know you guys may have seen this game pop-up on ads along the sides of the websites we both know you shouldn’t be looking at. this game is alot like legend of zelda and the phantom hourglass as it is a sort of birds eye view of the player. you start of like any other mmo buy choosing your name, what you look like and colour scheme then you go out into the big wide world to fend of creatures in dungeons. it’s a 4-player co-op game so get out there and make some cyber friends (but don’t get too friendly if you know what i mean…)

right the next game is called Forsaken World. Now this game is an almost identical replicate of WoW. there are five different races: humans, elves, dwarves, stonemen (men made of stone) and the kindred (vampires). each race has a different story quest and you work your way through the beginning to get to the main hub: freedom harbor. there you can get different armor and weapons, health potions, mana potions, get “jobs” once you hit level 10 and many other cool stuff that i’m gonna let you find out yourselves.

so that’s the two games. here’s a couple of photos of the two games and if you end up getting either of them let me know and we can do some quests together. watch out for QTgirljones (forsaken world) or smokierarmyman (spiral knights) along your adventures, now get outta here you little pervs you.

spiral knights

forsaken world


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