Data Pads in Halo Reach?

Data Pads in Halo Reach?

Data Pads in Halo Reach?

Skull hunters from Halo 3 have something to look forward to this September. In Halo: Reach, it looks like the search for Data Pads begins…

Pictured Above: Data Pad 6 is hidden in some inconspicuous overhead walkways on mission 6.

The group of skull hunters that originally found the IWHBYD skull in Halo 3 have made a return, and are already hunting for Data Pads. Halo Reach Planet has already posted the locations and transcripts for 16 of the 18 hidden objects in their Halo Reach Data Pads Guide.

Their community insists that there are most likely 18 Data Pads, though they cannot say with 100% certainty. So far, they’ve found 2 data pads on every level (there are 9 missions). Additionally, the data pads are numbered, and they’ve already found #18.

A sample message from data pad 6. As you can see, data pads are multi-page messages.

Halo Reach Planet admits that there could be other hidden secrets in Reach, but they’re concentrating on finding what they believe to be the last two data pads at this point.

“We’re not positive. There could very well be more data pads hidden that have yet to be found. In fact, we’ve found some strange bits of Halo: Reach that seem like pieces to a greater puzzle yet to be solved outside of the Data Pads… but our priority now is to find data pads #7 and 16.”

If the search continues past Halo: Reach’s official release, be sure to join the hunt! If you’re the first to find a data pad, you’ll be listed as the original founder in their data pad guide!


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