hey guys, Darian here. Now i know that brink has been out for some time now, but i’ve only just gotten the chance to play it properly. now, on to the review!!!

Brink is an objective based game with different classes to complete the different objectives. there are two sides of the storyline, the resistance, who want to escape the ark in any means necessary, and the security, who see the resistance as a terrorist force and want them stopped. once you have chosen which side you are going to play as, you get to fully customise the way your character looks like. you then can choose to play which story you want to and after you finish that story, you can play the opposite story as well.

the gameplay of Brink is pretty good. If you were or still are a fan of unreal tournament or  quake 3 than this will be the game for you. it places you inside a map that has all sorts of twists and turns that you can jump over/slide under or any other type of free-running exercise. that being said, the aiming of the weapons are a bit touch and go. you pretty much have to spray and pray to hit someone. this game is not suited for you snipers out there as the is too little room for any sort of sniping in the maps.

all in all i give this game about a 6.5 out of ten. i felt it was too difficult to shoot and too easy to die.

hope this gave you an insight of this game, i see you next time

2 Responses to “Brink”
  1. cad40 says:

    Nice article. I was planning on getting it, but I think you just saved me from spending a lot of money. Thanks
    Please check out my gaming blog for everything about video games at

    • dazzaisdaawesom says:

      hey thanks bud. just remember this is MY personal look on upon the game and doesn’t necessarily mean its an awful game, it’s just my opinion.

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