does the force flow with your xbox?

hey guys I’m here with an xbox title for the kinect that will make most (if your an adult (30-40) it wasn’t really made with you in mind) star wars fans jump for joy, Star Wars kinect! this game is pack full of game styles and stories that will excite and challenge you in the … Continue reading

Mass Effect 3!!!

ok so now that mass effect has been out for a couple weeks (which i’ve been playing Me3 for most of it) i think its time for a review of the handling, gameplay, story, etc. So, the reapers are now in the galaxy and have started taking over each system one by one. it is … Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

hey guys. i’ve had some time playing the mass effect 3 multiplayer, and i must say that i love it! the multiplayer is 4 player cooperative and you must stand off against 10 waves of increasingly harder enemies (so far the only enemies are cerberus) there are 3 difficulties: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. now other … Continue reading

MAG – Massive Ass (Online) Game

hey buds long time no write. I’ve been playing this mmofps game (massively multiplayer online first person shooter for you noobish folk) called MAG. this games is set in post ww3 and the world is split into three factions: the american valor faction, S.V.E.R faction which consists of Russian, Chinese and Indian Cultures, and Raven, … Continue reading

another one… well, two actually

Hey guys and gals I’m back with two FREE GAMES. Both of these games ARE mmorpg’s (massively multiplayer role playing games…. just incase you forgot). I will also tell you people a little bit about each ‘caus that’s how I roll. Rito, back to business. the first game i want to tell you’s about is … Continue reading

review time…

that’s right guys and gals, Darian here with another review on my all time favorite game: mortal kombat. (spoilers guys so be warned!!!1!) the game was banned in Australia for obvious reasons, as the outfits deserve a restriction in itself. the high intensity blood, gore, and internal brutality of this game earned the rest of … Continue reading


hey guys, Darian here. Now i know that brink has been out for some time now, but i’ve only just gotten the chance to play it properly. now, on to the review!!! Brink is an objective based game with different classes to complete the different objectives. there are two sides of the storyline, the resistance, … Continue reading

Duke Nukem Forever

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum with the brand new game from gearbox and 2k, Duke Nukem Forever. it’s been almost fourteen years since the release of the last Duke Game (i’m pretty sure i was still in diapers) and they have finally decided to release the sequel. saying that, here’s a quick … Continue reading

100% guarantee jailbreak 4.0.2! iPod 2G & iPhone 3G (ONLY)

Hey Mofos Coolum here, ┬álong time, need to get this shizz back on again and what better way for an old fashion tutorial for your iPod 2g. and i’m gonna say this straight up cause i know what people are like. but…. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT YOU BREAK YOUR IPOD! although its never happened from … Continue reading

mozilla customization

hey its Darian with a new mozilla update!!!!! with this update, you can customize your taskbar on webpage and use it forever!!!!! of course, if you get sick of one that you got, you can just go back and change it. check it out, heres a pic of my taskbar, and of some of the … Continue reading

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