MAG – Massive Ass (Online) Game

hey buds long time no write. I’ve been playing this mmofps game (massively multiplayer online first person shooter for you noobish folk) called MAG.

this games is set in post ww3 and the world is split into three factions: the american valor faction, S.V.E.R faction which consists of Russian, Chinese and Indian Cultures, and Raven, which is based in Vienna, Austria. this war plays out has online team objective of deathmatch games. Now here’s where the Massive comes in, on one map, there can be a total of 256 players at once, playing in the same game with the same objectives. trust me when i say you will die ALOT.

Mag is only available on the PS3 so sorry for all you xbox gamers out thar :(. here’s a little taste of what it looks like:


so go buy it!!!! i got it for 24 bucks at my local eb games. check me out on psn as adda2431 and we’ll play a couple of games together


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