hey everybody, its Darian here with the usual freebies the now. this time it’s RAGE and RAGEhd. If your not familiar with this game, its for the iphone, ipod and ipad. It is a First Person Shooter in a post-apocalyptic art style. the game plays alot alot like time crysis of house of dead, where there is several areas that you go into and waves of enemies come at you. this game is also currently in development for xbox, ps3 and pc. there is no real story to the game other than the fact that you are a contestant on the game show: Mutant Bash TV. the host makes several smart remarks during the game and gives you a small cutscene at the beginning of the level.

the difference between RAGE and RAGE hd is that RAGE hd can be played on any i…… with high definition capabilities, while all the other devices are stuck to playing standard definition version. it is a really fun game and i suggest you download it from the appstore because its free and its not like your paying for it or anything. so get out there and kill some mutants.


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