Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

hey guys. i’ve had some time playing the mass effect 3 multiplayer, and i must say that i love it! the multiplayer is 4 player cooperative and you must stand off against 10 waves of increasingly harder enemies (so far the only enemies are cerberus) there are 3 difficulties: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. now other … Continue reading


hey Darian here. today i went to see a new movie called chronicle. you know, the one about telekinesis and all that shit? anyway this movie is kinda hard to explain considering it is a pretty weird plot-line. the main story is about a 17-19 year old boy who has an alcoholic dad, dying mother, … Continue reading

closing in to may 3rd: halo reach multiplayer beta!

hey guys, bungie’s weekly update has given even more information about the maps that we will be competing on in the multiplayer beta.  some of the names for the maps are as follows: powerhouse sword base and overlook also some new weapons such as: needle rifle the plasma launcher focus rifle and, the grenade launcher( … Continue reading

Halo Reach pic!!!!

Hey Darian here with a cool Halo Reach picture i just made. i got the pic off and tricked it out. hope you like it!

Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer and Info

The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta madness doesnt drop into Xbox LIVE until May 3rd, 2010, but youre gonna need to be up to speed before you get your boots in the mud. Check out the world premiere footage of the Reachs multiplayer Alpha in action and get a glimpse at whats on tap for the … Continue reading

Gorillaz premiere!

Gorillaz youtube Premiere! Gorillaz is back with their new album Plastic Beach! which is due for release March 2010. This is their third studio album and is the follow-up to the very successful Demon day album. For now all we have is a Single “Stylo” We’ll Give a proper review around the release.

Just a quickie

hey guys, Darian here, if anyone likes card tricks or magic, go to: ma channel called TheCanyoubelievethat on youtube. there really good card tricks and you will be amazed at the card tricks that are on it. so go check it out and watch the tricks. thanks guys.

Awesome mousepad artwork

Imsuck over at has pointed out this really cool java applet which follows the path of your mouse in the background and after a couple of hours becomes really cool. Atonly’s result Download the Java applet: mousepath.jar (Mac)

[Review] Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies – Tri Polar Release: 2009 Genre: Rock Sick Puppies is an Australian band which started in Melbourne.  Sick puppies is the latest band I’ve found and loved. 1. “War” 3:13 2. “I Hate You” 3:28 3. “Riptide” 3:11 4. “You’re Going Down” 3:07 5. “Odd One” 3:47 6. “So What I Lied” 3:42 7. “Survive” … Continue reading

Jason Mraz Iphone Wallpaper

Hey homies. at school during English bored so i made a Jason Mraz Iphone Wallpaper. I know of some who would like this shizz. Check out his Blog Page

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