Duke Nukem Forever

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum with the brand new game from gearbox and 2k, Duke Nukem Forever. it’s been almost fourteen years since the release of the last Duke Game (i’m pretty sure i was still in diapers) and they have finally decided to release the sequel. saying that, here’s a quick … Continue reading

100% guarantee jailbreak 4.0.2! iPod 2G & iPhone 3G (ONLY)

Hey Mofos Coolum here,  long time, need to get this shizz back on again and what better way for an old fashion tutorial for your iPod 2g. and i’m gonna say this straight up cause i know what people are like. but…. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT YOU BREAK YOUR IPOD! although its never happened from … Continue reading

16 Days away from Reach

So Halo: Reach is now only 16 days away and I for one, and freaking excited! Since my post about the Beta, we’ve been getting more and more information about Reach every week, and now even the campaign has been leaked. So now I’m scared to go beyond the home page of Bungie.net in case … Continue reading

two free games

Hey i’ve got two free games for all you pc gamers. the first one is battlefield heroes. battlefield heroes is like a cartoony version of the other battlefield games. the only bad thing is that because its EA that made this game, they try to hoax you into buying items with real money. also when … Continue reading

Halo Reach Beta First Impressions

So now I’ve played 50 or so games, so I think its time for me to shed some thoughts on the beta. First off I really like this game. I think Bungie made some great improvements and are going in the right direction with this. There are a few sour notes but it is to … Continue reading

Halo Reach: Get Loaded

They finally have shown the design of the load-outs!!! what load-outs are for those of you that don’t already know, load-outs are perks for your spartan character. We are not quite sure about if elites can use these same load-outs or not so we’ll keep our eye’s out. for the load-outs, they’ve given us four … Continue reading

New Halo Reach Game Modes in Detail

The new modes – which are set to appear in next monht’s upcoming multiplayer beta – are said to be unlike anything we’re used to seeing in the Halo series. Multiplayer designer, Derek Carroll explains: “I don’t think we went crazy on purpose to go out with a bang, although we certainly are. We just said, … Continue reading

closing in to may 3rd: halo reach multiplayer beta!

hey guys, bungie’s weekly update has given even more information about the maps that we will be competing on in the multiplayer beta.  some of the names for the maps are as follows: powerhouse sword base and overlook also some new weapons such as: needle rifle the plasma launcher focus rifle and, the grenade launcher( … Continue reading

Halo/ linkin park music video

hey guys Darian here with a halo 3 music video montage thing, so check it!

Halo Reach Customization

Player customization in Halo Reach is something big that we have all expected. Unlocking pieces is now different unlike Halo 3, were you would usually unlock by achievements.  Halo Reach now uses a Credit system. So what are credits and how do i earn them? Credits are earned by a  number of  tasks and challenges things like, Finishing games and Winning Games … Continue reading

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