guys and gals, this is the big one, the game that we have been waiting for… MASS EFFECT 3!!! guess whos back to save earth from superior race of machines called the reapers? Shepard, that’s who. Now, if your the 2% of people who haven’t played the demo, let me fill ya in. Shepard is … Continue reading


hey everybody, its Darian here with the usual freebies the now. this time it’s RAGE and RAGEhd. If your not familiar with this game, its for the iphone, ipod and ipad. It is a First Person Shooter in a post-apocalyptic art style. the game plays alot alot like time crysis of house of dead, where … Continue reading

16 Days away from Reach

So Halo: Reach is now only 16 days away and I for one, and freaking excited! Since my post about the Beta, we’ve been getting more and more information about Reach every week, and now even the campaign has been leaked. So now I’m scared to go beyond the home page of in case … Continue reading

two free games

Hey i’ve got two free games for all you pc gamers. the first one is battlefield heroes. battlefield heroes is like a cartoony version of the other battlefield games. the only bad thing is that because its EA that made this game, they try to hoax you into buying items with real money. also when … Continue reading

Halo Reach: Get Loaded

They finally have shown the design of the load-outs!!! what load-outs are for those of you that don’t already know, load-outs are perks for your spartan character. We are not quite sure about if elites can use these same load-outs or not so we’ll keep our eye’s out. for the load-outs, they’ve given us four … Continue reading

Halo/ linkin park music video

hey guys Darian here with a halo 3 music video montage thing, so check it!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thoughts/Opinions!

Hey its Geoff here with my personal thoughts and opinions of the new release, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While I haven’t yet finished the single player campaign, the missions I’ve played so far are just orgasmic, the game has a great story, they environments look absolutely beautiful with the realistic looking snow and dynamic destruction … Continue reading


Halo 3 – Construct

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