does the force flow with your xbox?

hey guys I’m here with an xbox title for the kinect that will make most (if your an adult (30-40) it wasn’t really made with you in mind) star wars fans jump for joy, Star Wars kinect! this game is pack full of game styles and stories that will excite and challenge you in the ways of the force.

star wars kinect has five game modes: dark side rising, podracing, duel of fates, rancor rampage, and, wait for it, GALACTIC DANCE OFF!

dark side rising and podracing modes each have a basic stroryline to follow, be it escaping from kashyyyk from droids and trandoshions with masters yoda and mavra zane (femshep – Jennifer Hale) to working your way up the rankings to reach the boonta eve in podracing.

dark side rising follows a group of padawans in their training, when the training grounds gets attacked by trandoshions and battle droids. you must work your way through stop and go areas to escape kashyyyk and get to coruscunt to warn the council. the controls are a bit iffy. on one hand, it fun when it responds fast enough, slashing and pushing your way through enemies, but you need to be pretty precise with your arm movements when attacking to avoid getting shot at continuously while you try to figure out how to force push.

podracing is easily the most fun out of the five game types. you use you arms to steer the podracer in the direction you want, raise either your left or right arm for different ‘powerups’ (training droid that fires at enemies, repairing, flamethrower etc.). with returning face from episode 1 (watto, that podracing commentator dude) you race to get to boonta eve, the grand prix of podracing. you start at tatooine, racing through remains of a krayt dragon, and past the dreaded sarlaac, avoiding its tentacles and trying not to get eaten. finish in top three and you head to felucia, then besbin, then on and on and on until going to coruscant.

then theres your standard destroy everything you see rancor rampage, turn based fights in duel of fates, and dancing to modern songs that have been translated into star wars-ese (im han solo – ridin’ solo, hologram girl – hola back girl blah blah blah).

this was the first game i played on the kinect and i enjoyed it very much. you can get this game stand-alone or with the xbox bundle, coming with an r2-d2 looking xbox, c3p0-gold xbox controller with star wars kinect and kinect adventures.


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