Mass Effect 3!!!

ok so now that mass effect has been out for a couple weeks (which i’ve been playing Me3 for most of it) i think its time for a review of the handling, gameplay, story, etc.

So, the reapers are now in the galaxy and have started taking over each system one by one. it is your job as commander shepard to gather war assets (defence forces and other useful information) to help you in the final battle. the game starts out the same as the demo (duh!) as you watch earth be destroyed by reaper forces blah blah blah. you get to the normandy where you see kaiden or ashley (depending on who you killed) and you fly of to the citadel to get help for earth. needless to say, the councils pulls an oblivion on you (we could help but where getting attacked as well so stfu!) and you have to go help the other races so they can help you.

gameplay and customisation wise, shepard is more maneuverable by being able to combat roll all around the place  and being able to leap over small obstacles by double tapping A (xbox), X (Ps3) or whatever it is for PC. weapon customisation is back meaning you can add scopes and other mods that increase damage and stability, to reducing the weight of the weapon making for faster power cooldown times. importing previous shepards is in the game aswell so you can continue the fight you left off in mass effect 2.

multiplayer now has 7 different maps and 3 different enemies (Cerberus, Geth, and reapers) you can choose from. sadly, the progress you made in the multiplayer demo doesnt crossover so you have to start from scratch with your character. when your character hits level 20, you have a choice to promote them so they become a war asset or just keep playing as the person. there is another package that you can purchase with credits made in the game (recruit package, veteran package and spectre package) and occasionally there are special packages open for a limited time.

there is some mixed views on the endings and whether or not they are deemed satisfactory for the fans. i personally like the endings as they show you how shepard has to sacrifice something no matter what. anyway, i wont spoil anymore, but i rate this game as excellent-ay and is definately worth buying if you love the mass effect universe as much as me.


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