guys and gals, this is the big one, the game that we have been waiting for… MASS EFFECT 3!!! guess whos back to save earth from superior race of machines called the reapers? Shepard, that’s who.

Now, if your the 2% of people who haven’t played the demo, let me fill ya in.

Shepard is back with the alliance, but has been grounded by the earth council for his/her actions with Cerberus. the reapers are on there way to earth (because it’s ALL YOUR FAULT) but the council still believe the reapers to be nothing more than a myth.what happens during the demo is obviously, the tutorial level, so you can get a feel of the new game mechanics (jumping over gaps, rolling, and jumping over cover). then it takes you to a further area in the game where you must protect a fertile female krogan from Cerberus agents (they’re bad guys).

all your favorite people are back: Kaiden Alenko or Ashley Williams (depending on who you killed) and everyone else who survived the suicide mission in mass effect 2. it takes your saved games from the previous 2 so everything you have done before has an impact on how people view you. there are also new squad member named james vega, who is an experienced soldier and wants in to the fight.

Now, here’s something i found interesting…. Multiplayer.

while i haven’t played it myself, the website says that there is going to be a co-op multiplayer in the game, where you will be able to customize your race, gender and loadout (krogans, asari, turian playable characters). so i am pretty intrigued on how that will turn out.

mass effect 3 comes out on the 6th march in america, 8th(?) march in australia, and the 9th march in europe so keep your eyes out for when it comes out and i will definately be playing the shit out of it.


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