Duke Nukem Forever

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum with the brand new game from gearbox and 2k, Duke Nukem Forever. it’s been almost fourteen years since the release of the last Duke Game (i’m pretty sure i was still in diapers) and they have finally decided to release the sequel. saying that, here’s a quick review on the Duke Nukem demo:

for the demo, you are given the first level and one of the vehicle levels to get a taste of the new game. it has been compared to the quake and doom style shooters and has several of duke’s famous witty one liners. saying this however, the graphics and controls for this game aren’t the best as it does appear to be a bit grainy at times and the animations aren’t the best either. but the game appears to be good on the hole and it just seems to be over-amped than what it really is.

hope that gave you an insight of what i thought. i will hopefully be getting it soon so i can give you a proper review on the entire game.

Darian out


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