100% guarantee jailbreak 4.0.2! iPod 2G & iPhone 3G (ONLY)

Hey Mofos

Coolum here,  long time, need to get this shizz back on again and what better way for an old fashion tutorial for your iPod 2g. and i’m gonna say this straight up cause i know what people are like. but…. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT YOU BREAK YOUR IPOD! although its never happened from jailbreaking your iPod before.


iPod 2g (non-MC MODEL) (to check this go setting>general>about use your eyes and you can see if it is a MC model or not)

Redsn0w 0.9.5beta

Download the 4.0 firmware from this link (YES 4.0 NOT 4.0.2)

Download and install iTunes 9.2.1.

1.Connect your iPod to your computer (and close out of iTunes, if it’s open)

2.So now your iPod is running 4.0.2, open redsnow and search for your firmware using browse.

3.Follow the instuctions given by redsnow. (this stage gives you the chance to enable backgrounds and multitasking)

4.After a reboot, you should know have a newly jailbroken iPod touch 2g.


WARNING only do this with iPhone 3g or iPod touch 2g NON MC-MODELS!

please comment if your having any issues with these stages, also remember if something does go wrong, put it in iTunes and system restore it. like nothing went wrong at all.


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