16 Days away from Reach

So Halo: Reach is now only 16 days away and I for one, and freaking excited!

Since my post about the Beta, we’ve been getting more and more information about Reach every week, and now even the campaign has been leaked. So now I’m scared to go beyond the home page of Bungie.net in case theres spoilers (stupid spoilers). I do however, know part of the ending, due to someone at school yelling it at me every time he saw me (I can only block my ears so many times before he catches me :P), so that sucks.

There have been many things unveiled since my last post. Just a few include: Forge 2.0, which is actually now called forge world. Its a HUGE map with 5 sub maps inside it, set on a Halo ring, to keep true to the series’ background. As well as this there is now a massive amount of customizability in firefight, as much as custom games, that lets you control health, weapons, etc. and even what enemies are sent at you! To top that off there is now matchmaking support for firefight AND campaign, so when you have no buddies online to coop with you can just find some!

So go subscribe to the 360Shift YouTube Channel because I will be doing an unboxing of the Legendary Edition of the game, as well as Let’s Play’s of the Campaign, and achievement guides, as well as matchmaking gameplay on my channel: Tigemite.

See you guys next time.

– Geoff


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