two free games

Hey i’ve got two free games for all you pc gamers. the first one is battlefield heroes.

battlefield heroes is like a cartoony version of the other battlefield games. the only bad thing is that because its EA that made this game, they try to hoax you into buying items with real money. also when you buy a weapon or clothing, it will only last for a day or so. but if you can bypass all of that it is a great game to play.i’ll put the link at the bottom.

the next free game is called exteel. exteel is a 3rd person robot fighting game. like battlefield heroes, you do have to buys things, however it will last forever as long as you remember to keep repairing your mech. their are five different categories of weapons you can use:




swords, and


smg’s are the automatic fire weapon in the game and they are very balanced. they have an average target range, average firepower and average reload time.

rifles have slower fire rate, longer range, stronger firepower and slower reload rate. use rifles when your enemy is further away where smgs won’t be able to reach.

cannons have the most firepower, most range, but slowest reload rate and fire rate. use the cannon on bosses in last stand or on slow moving enemies.

swords and shields are used up close and personal for melee attacks. they also have average firepower, fire rate, overheating time but super short range.

there are also five types of matches which you can figure out yourselves. they are:


team deathmatch

capture the flag

territories. and

last stand(for all you halo odst players, it’s like firefight).

hope you guys enjoy these two games like i do.

battlefield heroes:


One Response to “two free games”
  1. HelloAndy says:

    Hi! If you decide to get clothes or weapons with BattleFunds, you can choose to get them for unlimited time. The one or two days options are for Valor Points, which is a free currency you get by playing the game and capturing flags.

    Thanks for liking the game!

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