Halo Reach: Get Loaded

They finally have shown the design of the load-outs!!! what load-outs are for those of you that don’t already know, load-outs are perks for your spartan character. We are not quite sure about if elites can use these same load-outs or not so we’ll keep our eye’s out.

for the load-outs, they’ve given us four examples of them:

The picture of the spartan on the left determines the type of load-out the class has. It also shows the amount of grenades the class can carry and the 2 weapons that you will start off with. i will give you guys a brief explanation of some of the load-outs:

Active camo:

this can be used by both Spartans and Elites alike. active camo makes the player completely invisible to everyone else on the map but only for a short amount of time. the two disadvantages of this temporary invisibility are that the faster you move the more distinct you are to the area and also shortens the time of the camo will be. and the second is that it jams everyone’s motion tracker in the vicinity of you, including your own! so you will have to be careful when in camo mode.

Armor lock:

armor lock gives you a temporary invulnerability to the user. it will block you from all attacks from everything that bumps you: vehicles, grenades, bullets and melee and assassination. the downside of this invincibility, you’re a sitting duck, your grounded, you CAN”T MOVE. Someone could be lining you up for a long range shot.

Combat rolling:

I’m not sure if this counts as a load-out but combat rolling for elites only. it makes you nearly impossible to line up for a long range shot and also good for close combat.


self-explanatory. Spartans have the load-out ability of jetpacks. bad thing: no cover and landing. when your up in the air you have absolutely no cover from enemy fire so stay alert. and also if you go up to high with your jet pack you need to be careful about the landing. to high and you’ll die basically.


also straight forward. spartans can now run as a load-out. gives you a quick burst of speed but also lowers your weapon. so when your runnin’ round sprinting and what not, you can’t attack.

there are also some more weapons discussion but i won’t go into that. if you want to know more about the weapons, go to this website: http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid=25376


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