Halo Reach Customization

Player customization in Halo Reach is something big that we have all expected.

Unlocking pieces is now different unlike Halo 3, were you would usually unlock by achievements.  Halo Reach now uses a Credit system.

So what are credits and how do i earn them?

Credits are earned by a  number of  tasks and challenges things like, Finishing games and Winning Games in Matchmaking, Commendations – Commendations are persistent, aggregating awards that will advance through gameplay, daily Challenges, Achievements and lots more.So what are Daily Challenges?

When players log into Reach each day, they want us them to check out the Challenge menu and see if anything piques our interest. Challenges will arrive in a few different forms:

Daily Challenges:
Short-session tasks, analogous to Double Double from Halo 3’s DLC Achievements, or Kill X players in Matchmaking, or Kill Y Enemies in Campaign, or Help Kill Z enemies in any game mode today.

Weekly Challenges:
These can be harder, take more time, maybe it will take you a week to accomplish a Weekly Challenge. Maybe sometimes it’ll remind you of an Achievement like Annual from Halo 3 – where you and three of your friends will get together for something. Maybe we’ll ask you to play a Mission like few have dared…

While player customization is available in Reach, it will be very limited in the demo . but you will get the full thing in the real thing. Also Daily challenges won’t be in the beta.

So just to sum things up in a sentence. Complete tasks to get credits, save enough credits to get more player customization objects.

To see more Screens head to: http://g4tv.com/images/3278/Screenshots—Halo-Reach-Customization/56480/

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