Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thoughts/Opinions!

Hey its Geoff here with my personal thoughts and opinions of the new release, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

While I haven’t yet finished the single player campaign, the missions I’ve played so far are just orgasmic, the game has a great story, they environments look absolutely beautiful with the realistic looking snow and dynamic destruction 2.0, and the overall feel of the game is just brilliant!

Now, the multiplayer, which has been the focus of the Battlefield series since it began back in 1942 is another epic win! the 24 player online action always keeps me on edge with explosions happening all around me and bullets whizzing past. The game really makes me feel like I’m on the Battlefield. This is all thanks to brilliant graphics and amazing audio. The new game modes such as Squad Deathmatch are also a great new add-on bringing many more hours of fun if you get bored of rush and conquest.

So far my only complaint is the control and movement. It feels like it could be a bit smoother, and it feels like when I turn to look at the enemy I jerk right or left rather than turn that way. However, this is so far the only blemish on the awesomness that is, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’m not sure how the game will change when some glitches are discovered but hopefully it won’t be as bad as Modern Warfare 2.

Overall, this is an excellent, beautifully well made game and I seriously recommend picking it up if you want some high action gameplay.



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