Now that your Jailbroken

Okay, now that you’ve used Blackra1n and have properly Jailbroken your iPod/iPhone. People ask a lot just what does Jailbreaking your iPod do exactly.

Well, Jailbreaking means using it out of the original purpose that Apple designed it for, giving you a lot more opportunities to make your iPod unique and different to everyone else. You can customize practically anything, Different font, colors, backgrounds, etc the works.

First things first. Cydia

Cydia is the App where you can find all the mods to change your iPod. such as downloading lockers and slider images, etc. the list goes on. But it can also be the place to download 3rd Party apps which are banned by Apple in the app store  such as Winterboard.

You download any of the packages from Cydia, open up Winterboard and you’ll find the package you downloaded. Here you can change Anything and everything.  be selecting and un-selectioning any of the packages. Having Winterboard also gives the chance to change the background of your Springboard ( Your springboard is the menu of the iPod, where you find all you apps, etc)

In Cydia you can also find codes and patches for your iPod, Such as Putting cracked apps onto your iPod.

To download cracked apps from your iPod, (requires Wifi) Go into Cydia>Sources>Edit> add

and add this source to your iPod and then allow Cydia to reload. then search for Installous

Installous is a app where you can find and download practically any app which is on the app store.

In conclusion, Jailbreaking your iPod makes it awesome and Cydia is where you can find mods and codes to change your iPod to suit your style. some packages  i suggest to look up are; Winterboard, Installous, 5 column Spring Board, Retro Loader.



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