Tutorial to Jailbreak your Ipod 2G untethered 3G Tethered

Hey Guys, Today i’m Teaching you how to Jailbreak your iPod/iPhone Firmware 3.1.2, and it is the most easiest thing you could ever do to your iPod, Serially!

Things to know before Jailbreaking.



Your iPod cannot be “Bricked” you can always put it into DFU mode and restore it in iTunes.

This is a unteathered Jailbreak for 2G iPod and is teathered for 3G, So its best for you 3G owners to wait for a new release!

Step 1. Download the Application by selecting your type of OS at http://blackra1n.com/ (Windows at the left, Mac on the Right. It isn’t complicated)

Step 2. Just some precautionary things before syncing you Ipod. Make sure iTunes isnt running.

Step 3. Click the application and then sync your iPod.

Step 4. Click MAKE IT RAIN!

Finished! After only 5 seconds. you will be prompted telling you your complete.

Your iPod is now Jailbroken. Let your iPod load. you should now see a Blackra1n Icon on your Springboard. click it and then click download Cydia.

(Cydia is where you can download anything and everything to customize your iPod.) (I will write more about Cydia soon!)

Things to try if it somehow finds a way to fail.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE and make sure iTunes isnt running in the background.

Place The Blackra1n application in (C:) Drive.

Please note that it isn’t our fault if  you completely break your iPod but which is impossible. Just remember IT DOES VOID YOUR WARRANTY. DO NOT SAY WE DID NOT TELL YOU!

-v Still having trouble? watch this video below v-   ( This is not me)

Expect more Ipod related posts soon!


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