My MUST HAVE top 10 iPod apps

Hey guys, i’ve decided to make a list of my top 10 iPod apps

10. Tetris– Bringing the awesome Tetris game to todays technology and is very addictive.

9. ozWeather– A better weather app than the stanard weath app which comes with the ipod. Shows the weeks forcast and also has a up-to-date image radar.

8. ElminatePro– A FPS for the ipod touch. controls at first might be abit confusing and hard but you get used to it.

7. Ace Combat– A great simulation game that shows the awesome power and graphics of the small handheld device.

6. Echofon– Is great! I use this app all the time to update the blogs status using twitter.

5. Categories ( Requires Jailbreak!)– Puts your untidy unorganized apps into neat tidy folder categories.

4. Eduddy Pro– Use it all the time to catchup with friends over Msn and Yahoo!.

3. iNES– Shows your friends and your gamertag and the ability to send messages to there online XBL profile.

2. Ragdoll Blast– shoot rag dolls at targets while listening to classical music. Amusing.

1. iBluetooth (requires jailbreak!)– The top number 1 in my list is iBluetooth, giving you to use your Iphone outside its designed purpose and send files to other mobile devices.

Thanks for taking notice of my list. I plan on doing more Iphone related posts soon.


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