My thoughts on Assassins Creed 2

Hey Geoff here, heres my thoughts on Assassins Creed 2. First up, MASSIVE improvement from the first one. So much more variety. The game is set a few hundred years later than AC1. You now play as an Italian whos name I won’t say becuase it so confusing and I can’t remeber it in the Italian Renaissance. With the new area, Ubisoft had so much more opportunities for scenery and they used that to their advantage to make the games scenery look absolutely stunning. To help this the graphics are also very well improved with alot more detail. The story is well thought out with a lot of action and side missions, leaving hours of fun. The gameplay is smooth with a good grame rate. The controls are just like the first AC and I have no problem with that, they managed to fit a heap of awesome assassins moves into not using more than 2 buttons at the same time. Another great thing is you don’t have to unlock weapons anymore, you can just go and buy some! Money ahs been brought into the game, you being able to get it buy looting dead bodies, finding treasure chests or stealing from ANYONE! And finally the weapons. They are just awesome, twin hidden blades, big ass axes and a hidden gun! How good can you get? There is a much bigger variety of weapons that you can aquire and steal off enemies in fights. The new weapons moves are really fun to watch as well. Basically this a great game and I would really recomment this to anyone, unless you hate single player and only like multiplayer (which the game doesn’t have).

My personal rating is 9.8/10 (bout’ as close as I am to ratin somethin 10/10 :P)


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