[Review] Halo wars


Halo wars

Ensemble Studios


Released in February 2009

Calem here, This review is abit late, i know but i only just recently purchased it. Halo wars is based 20 years before the event of halo CE. It is only natural for all halo fans to buy this game. but frankly im ashamed with it. Ensemble Studios had really stuffed up the story line of the Halo universe. Such as the flood, UNSC only discovered the flood on the first Halo ring and had no other record of the flood before. But people who enjoy Strategy games, this might be there dream, but i myself is quiet really ashamed.  in the game you can play as either UNSC or Covenant, both sides had different playing styles. on top of that theres different characters such as Captain Cutter or the Arbiter. The game uses a birds eye view, giving you a clear shot of all the action. sorry guys but this isnt my thing and will be trading it in.

I rate this game 3/5





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