Modern Warfare 2 Thoughts/Opinions

Hey its Geoff, Modern Warfare 2 is finally out! (woo!) So here are my thoughts on the game.

Singleplayer: As usual, the singleplayer is brilliant. However, it is slightly shorter than average, and I’m not sure if its just me but something seems to be missing. The action is also slightly overdone and it jsut sorta has to slow down sometimes. Apart from that, the singleplayer is stunning and it has some massive plot twists that are very surprising.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer is absolutely awesome which isn’t at all surprising. The new customization is jsut epic, so many new attachments! And so many more challenges. The customizable killstreaks add so much more fun and flavour into the experience. The silenced shotguns are a bit strange but still fun and the silenced snipers are awesome. The only complaint I have is that its just too easy to get killed or kill some one, like 2 bullets kill someone.

Spec Ops: This great new addition is the final touch to an epic game. It is a new Co-op mode which allows you and a friend, or you on your own to go through a heap of challenges such as surviving waves of enemies, hunting down terrorists, using teamwork to tackle objectives and even a snow mobile race as well as much more. Its an excellent add-on to the game and creates days of fun but it seems that IW could have put in that little bit more.

So basically this is a freakin’ awesome game that looks and plays brilliantly. This and BF:BC2 will take up most of the rest of my next few years. To anyone reading this you should definately get it if you ahvn’t already. There are only minor issues that have little impact on the overall game, so its completly epic. I hope to god they make a third one.

I would rate this 8.5/10


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