[Review] Forza 3 Motorsport


Forza 3 Motorsport

Turning 10 Studios


Released in October 2009

Forza 3 is realistic racing game. a must have for all racing game enthusiasts with over 400 customizable cars. I’m not a person who usually plays racing games (Cause i just plain suck), but this game is amazing, the scenery it just unbelievably realistic. This game is a Gamerscore whore’s dream, it seemed that every 5 minutes my gamerscore would slowly be increasing. a negative yet positive is that there are over 200 events within the season play, to get all the big gamerscore you must play to the end of the game, but leaving you with heaps of quality playing time. improvements from Forza 2 is that you have a rewind feature, which can give you a second chance at getting around that corner, or avoiding that collision. Also a cockpit view where you’re actually behind the wheel. The game has assists which can be turned on or off, depending how awesome of a driver you are, one of many is an arrow which you can follow which gives you the best angle and slows you down when your going around corners. Also this XBL urhh..thing called Storefront also connects you to online players which lets you auction your cars. If you ask me, the menu is very nice, simple and smooth to use with very nice calm music to go with it.

I rate this game 5/5





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